Who we are?

We are a team of passionate sleep-experts working to improve people’s quality of life through a better sleep.

Our mission is clear: To improve peoples overall wellbeing by providing a better sleep.

Our story started in 2007 where two Danish entrepreneurs founded NordicComfort® with the aim to help bring better sleeping products to the market. Three years later, in 2010, we were awarded Entrepreneur of The Year and won the prestigious Ivækstpris. The award sparked the interest from several investors and an agreement was made to continue our growth on the international markets, while still keeping a stern focus on the Danish and Scandinavian markets.

Today the NordicComfort® products are sold all over world including USA, Europe and China. The products are still designed and developed in Denmark and the company is still fully owned by a Danish team of entrepreneurs.

What we do?

We help people sleep better! Plain and simple. We do it by inventing new natural materials for sleeping products.

As humans we sleep more then 22.000 hours during our life, or what’s equal to 9.200 full days. It’s a lot! And therefore it’s also extremely important that the sleep we get is ideal and healthy. An unhealthy sleep can cause serious health issues and something that should be avoided at all cost. Nobody likes to feel exhausted due to poor sleep and even worse, poor sleep causes reduced immune system response to illness and can in severe cases cause cognitive impairment, high blood pressure and stress. This is just some of the issues we try to solve through a better sleep cycle, ultimately leading to a better overall wellbeing during the days.

Our main invention today is a filling material for bedding products called SilkFX®. SilkFX® is a natural silk fibre treated with a special silk protein that makes the filling washable and actively able to repel dust mites. Today SilkFX® is still the only proven washable silk filling for bedding products. And likewise the only clinical proven bedding filling able to actively reduce the amount of live dust mite. In fact with 58% reduction after only 8 weeks, when compared to normal white goose down.

What we really offer

A better sleep for a better next day! Both for those of you that have current sleep problems and those of you that just wish a good and relaxing sleep.

The silk fibres we use to make SilkFX® are ethically sources by ourselves directly at the local silk farmer. They are also organically grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals.

The factories we use are all certified Social Responsible using the global BSCI Social Compliance, which is a 100% consumer guarantee, not just an empty promise! BSCI ensures that the working conditions at the factories are in full compliance with local labour law and regulation.

The products themselves are also certified with OekoTex 100, which again is a 100% consumer guarantee that the end-product, the product you buy in the stores, are tested for harmful substances and chemicals, ensuring you a safe and healthy product.