Launches New NordicComfort® SilkDreams™ Summer Duvet

Summer silk duvet with unique SilkFX® technology available exclusively at JYSK

NordicComfort®, is excited to announce the launch of NordicComfort® SilkDreams™, the washable summer silk duvet featuring the revolutionary SilkFX® technology. NordicComfort® SilkDreams™ duvet is available now only at JYSK stores all around Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

With NordicComfort® SilkDreams™, waking up at night feeling too hot is no longer a problem as the temperature balancing abilities of SilkFX® keeps the bed at the ideal climate all night long.  Sleepers who use NordicComfort® SilkDreams™ find their bed a more comfortable, cool and dry environment for a great sleep. SilkFX® technology also makes this the ideal duvet to stop worrying about stains and spills, as it can easily be washed in a typical washing machine and be completely refreshed.

SilkDreams™ silk summer duvet

“The NordicComfort® SilkDreams™ summer duvet represents a coming revolution in how people sleep,” explains Daniel Galle, co-founder of NordicComfort® and winner of the Entrepreneur prize “Ivækstprisen 2010”. “It is built around the concept of “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Life”, and uses the natural abilities of silk fibres and new technology to provide long lasting benefits resulting in a higher quality of life.”

To celebrate the launch of this highly-requested silk summer duvet, NordicComfort® is offering people a chance to participate in an online competition that will give them the chance to win a relaxing weekend break in a spa resort. The NordicComfort® SilkDreams™ competition is now closed.

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    • Hi Evy,

      The NordicComfort SilkDreams silk filled duvet is a spring/summer/autumn duvet, so only in JYSK Sweden until mid-august or until the inventory is sold out.

      It will be introduced in 2013 again and should be in all JYSK Sweden stores from around end March 2013 :)

      The new 2013 model is made with our highest quality long Mulberry silk fibres made machine washable and with enhanced health properties. In the 2013 product the silk filling bears the name SilkFX.

      Hope this answer your question.

      Best regards,

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