Long Mulberry Silk Fibres … Made Even Better!

The Filling in ALL NordicComfort® Products

What is SilkFX®?

A high quality washable and dust mite repellent Mulberry silk fibre.

Its treated with a natural silk protein layer developed by Sense of Nature, the same creators of NordicComfort ®

Features & Benefits

How is SilkFX® better than Mulberry Silk?


Easy care silk duvet that can be washed at the convenience of your own home. No need for professional laundry.

Actively Dust Mite Repellent

Test from Airmed Healthgroup shows 58% reduction of dust-mites in SilkFX® filling after 8 weeks use (when compared to goose-down)


Keeps you warm and comfortable. Effective double insulation with hollow fibre core and high heat retention abilities.

Temperature Regulating

Adjusts to the body´s sleeping temperature and reduce nightly wake-ups cause by overheating.


Cleaner and healthier bed environment. Silk is naturally anti-bacterial due to its thin layer of silk protein (Sericin).


No allergy reactions are causes by silk. Silk is a natural material and do not cause allergic reactions in humans.

Moisture Wicking

Reduces night sweats and damp sleep environment. Keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the night.


Let your body breath naturally and reduce nightly overheating. Silk is highly breathable due to its thin and very fine structure.

The Science

What makes SilkFX® Unique?

Actively Dust Mite Repellent

SilkFX® actively reduces 58% of living dust mites after only 8 weeks, without the need to wash at 60 degrees to kill the mites.

Insulating (Heat Retention)

SilkFX® retain 29.76% more heat than Goose Down and more then 5x times that of Microfibre (Polyester).


SilkFX® shows half the bacteria growth rate to that of Microfibre (Polyester), with Goose Down bacteria growth rate being more than 6x times that of SilkFX®.

Moisture Control

 SilkFX® retain 35.90% more moisture than Goose Down and a massive 62x times mores then Microfibre (Polyester).

Temperature Regulating

 SilkFX® thermoregulation (heating/cooling) follows the human sleep cycle, resulting in less overheating, less sweating, and a more comfortable sleep at ideal sleep temperature.


Filling Comparison Results

SilkFX® Mulberry Silk Goose Down Microfibre (Polyester)
Dust Mite Repellent table-markers-green table-markers-yellow table-markers-red table-markers-yellow
Anti-Bacterial table-markers-green table-markers-yellow table-markers-yellow table-markers-yellow
Moisture Wicking table-markers-green table-markers-green table-markers-yellow table-markers-red
Thermoregulation table-markers-green table-markers-yellow table-markers-red table-markers-red
Breathable table-markers-green table-markers-yellow table-markers-yellow table-markers-yellow

table-markers-greenBest          table-markers-yellowBetter         table-markers-redWorst

All tests performed by MLS BioDNA – an independent ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory.